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Vision Statement

  • To create tofu, vegan, and vegetarian foods in quality, innovative fashion

  • Help incorporate vegan, vegetarian, tofu, soy into all people’s healthy eating lifestyles

  • Be ethically responsible to the community and environment

  • Educate others about food for healthy living and the value of caring for our environment.


Tofu Yu Beliefs

  • We take pride in striving for excellence, valuing nutrition, and producing fresh tofu.

  • We will always fully and clearly label the ingredients used to make each of our Tofu Yu creations.

  • We believe in “growing greener” by progressively building upon awareness and constructing a better method of lessoning our impacts on the environment.

  • We honor our relationships by treating our employees, customers, suppliers, and community with fairness, respect, and integrity.

In The News

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